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MRH at Work is a vibrant, upcoming and energetic building construction company. Operating primarily in the Western Cape MRH at Work has very quickly become a leading player in the construction maintenance and construction management sector.

Although a relatively new company, MRH at Work draws on the experience and expertise of many years of construction as it emerged from one of Cape Towns leading black owned construction enterprises which the director of MRH at Work, Ridah Hendricks helped to propel into the medium scale contracting and construction services arena.

Further strengthening the operation of MRH at Work is the partner director and operations manager Michael Cummings who has worked in the construction maintenance industry for well over 30 years.

MRH at Work is a fully certified and accredited BBE company with a strong social development and corporate responsibility ethos at its core foundation. MRH at Work specializes in building construction, construction management, residential and industrial property maintenance, and structural and heritage restoration. In a very short period of time MRH at Work has morphed itself into being a leading construction services company. It has created employment, developed skills, delivered services, applied technology and built capacity throughout Cape Town, making a significant contribution to sustainable and sound building development in the region.

MRH at Work is committed to enhancing the growth of its business and adding value in a responsible and sustainable manner for current and future stakeholders. This commitment drives our strategy, decision making and progressive approach. The evolution of our business is our constant priority and we therefore place urgency on transparent manner with clients, professional associates, architects, engineers, suppliers and notably employees.

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